クソDDのライト音楽ヲタが"make my day"な曲を好き放題語る


ルンバでネオディスコ【Rhythm Is Gonna Get You/Gloria Estefan】(1987)

Rhythm Is Gonna Get You/Gloria Estefan(1987)

一緒に成長できたはずなのに【Grow As We Go/Ben Platt】(2019)

Grow As We Go/Ben Platt(2019)

心を救う存在【Savior Complex/Phoebe Bridgers】(2020)

Savior Complex/Phoebe Bridgers(2020)

ドアは開けたままで【Leave the Door Open/Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic】(2021)

Leave the Door Open/Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic(2021)

君を手放すとき【I Don't Want To Let You Go/Jordan Hart】(2020)

I Don't Want To Let You Go/Jordan Hart(2020)

変わらない世界【Feel Like Summer/Childish Gambino】(2018)

Feel Like Summer/Childish Gambino(2018)

火傷するほどスムースな愛【Smooth/Santana ft. Rob Thomas】(1999)

Smooth/Santana ft. Rob Thomas(1999)

元祖ボディ・ポジティブ【All About That Bass/Meghan Trainor】(2014)

All About That Bass/Meghan Trainor(2014)

人生最良の日【Best Day Of My Life/American Authors】(2013)

Best Day Of My Life/American Authors(2013)

スターダムと闇【Hey Look Ma, I Made It/Panic! At The Disco】(2018)

Hey Look Ma, I Made It/Panic! At The Disco(2018)

君は僕の鏡像【Free Like Me/Marc E. Bassy】(2020)

Free Like Me/Marc E. Bassy(2020)

60年代ソウルの復刻【Long Way Home/Durand Jones & the Indications】(2019)

Long Way Home/Durand Jones & the Indications(2019)

もしも世界が終わるなら【If the World Was Ending/JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels】(2019)

If the World Was Ending/JP Saxe ft. Julia Michaels(2019)

全犬好き号泣【Happier/Marshmello ft. Bastille】(2018)

Happier/Marshmello ft. Bastille(2018)

どんな俺なら好きになってくれるの【Do U Wrong/Leven Kali Ft. Syd】(2019)

Do U Wrong/Leven Kali Ft. Syd(2019)

ピンクのスウェット【Honesty/Pink Sweat$】(2018)

Honesty/Pink Sweat$(2018)

無力なヒーローは歌う【Daylight/Joji & Diplo】(2020)

Daylight/Joji & Diplo(2020)

激しい恋を穏やかに思い出す【I miss you, I'm sorry/Gracie Abrams】(2020)

I miss you, I'm sorry/Gracie Abrams(2020)

インドア派の理想【Inside Friend/Leon Bridges ft. John Mayer】(2020)

Inside Friend/Leon Bridges ft. John Mayer(2020)

終わりなき問題【Feel It Still/Portugal. The Man】(2017)

Feel It Still/Portugal. The Man(2017)

バカ騒ぎにハレルヤ【Raising Hell/Kesha ft. Big Freedia】(2019)

Raising Hell/Kesha ft. Big Freedia(2018)

今を燃やし尽くせ【Time Of Our Lives/Pitbull, Ne-Yo】(2014)

Time Of Our Lives/Pitbull, Ne-Yo(2014)

今夜君を迎えに行く【Drive/Ben Rector】(2018)

Drive/Ben Rector(2018)

友達以上恋人未満【Girlfriend/Charlie Puth】(2020)

Girlfriend/Charlie Puth(2020)

あなたは私のもの【Call You Mine/The Chainsmokers ft. Bebe Rexha】(2019)

Call You Mine/The Chainsmokers ft. Bebe Rexha(2019)

踊り狂うに言葉はいらない【Shut Up and Dance/WALK THE MOON】(2014)

Shut Up and Dance/WALK THE MOON(2014)

7月の乾き【July/Noah Cyrus】(2019)

July/Noah Cyrus(2019)

陽気なダウナー【Baby Girl/Bryce Vine】(2020)

Baby Girl/Bryce Vine(2020)

デート前の確認事項【Cheklist/MAX feat. Chromeo】(2019)

Cheklist/MAX feat. Chromeo(2019)

その手を自由に【E-Lo/Los Unidades & Pharrell Williams feat. Jozzy】(2018)

E-Lo/Los Unidades & Pharrell Williams feat. Jozzy(2018)